Keep your network and website safe and available!

If you ever visit the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C. you’ll find engraved on a wall the idiom “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”. The Internet brings us much freedom to connect to friends and businesses from virtually anywhere. But there are risks. Data breaches are now some of the greatest threats to individuals and businesses.

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Willfully sharing photos and other interesting information to friends and customers via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. may seem – and for the most part is – relatively harmless.

The real harm is when personal data is divulged without our knowledge through social engineering and information theft. Greater still are data attacks that deny the services of personal banking, eCommerce and access to news and information websites. Customers that can’t reach your website will go elsewhere. Competitors that access your confidential business information surreptitiously can sink you.

But the greatest harm to society at large is when infrastructure systems are sabotaged.  Systems that control energy distribution and generation,the water supplymedical operations,  elections and more. All kinds of things are connected to the Internet and are vulnerable to cyber attacks.